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Education, Kansas State Department of

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The mission of the State Board of Education is to promote academic achievement by providing leadership, accountability, opportunity, educational vision, and advocacy for all. Schools will work with families and communities to prepare each student with the living, learning, and working skills and values necessary for caring, productive, and fulfilling participation in a changing society. The ten-member State Board of Education has authority for the general supervision of public education. Board members are elected for four-year terms and represent specific geographic areas of the state. The Board appoints a Commissioner of Education who serves at the pleasure of the Board and is responsible for administration of the Department. The primary duties of the Board include classification and accreditation of schools, approval of teacher preparation programs, establishment of graduation requirements, distribution of state and federal financial aid, certification of teachers and administrators, and administration of school lunch and nutrition programs. In addition, the State Board of Education has jurisdiction over the School for the Blind and School for the Deaf.

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