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Kan-Ed Project

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Kan-ed is a program created by the Kansas Legislature and administered through the Kansas Board of Regents. The original purpose of the program was to expand the collaborative capabilities of Kansas' public institutions, specifically K12 schools, higher education, libraries and hospitals. In 2013, House Bill 2201 made changes to Kan-ed program. The purpose of the Kan-ed now is to facilitate the use of broadband technology based video communication for distance learning and telemedicine by schools, libraries, and hospitals. Kan-ed is also to assist schools, libraries and hospitals to apply for federal grants related to the use of video communication for distance learning and telemedicine. Technical standards are established for this video communication. This bill also gave Kan-ed the authority to fix, charge, and collect fees for the services provided by Kan-ed in order to fulfill the purpose of HB 2201 beginning July 1, 2013.

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