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Library, Kansas State

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The mission of the State Library is to provide library and information services to the Judicial, Legislative, and Executive Branches of state government and to provide library extension services to all residents of the state. The agency is further directed by statute to provide leadership and assistance in the development, organization, and management of local libraries and to provide specialized library services to blind or disabled persons. The State Library was created in 1861, continuing the responsibilities of the Kansas Territorial Library. The State Librarian, who is appointed by the Governor, is the head of the agency. The duties of the State Librarian include administration of two programs: State Library Services and Services to the Blind and Handicapped. The state Library acts as a catalyst to improve statewide library services through consultation services, coordination of local and regional library information services, and administration of grants-in-aid to public libraries and the seven regional systems of cooperating libraries.

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